2005 was the year it all started. Robert Wright and Madeline Rodriguez have been best friends since they studied under the same program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. They used to go to local concerts and gigs that are managed by roofing and drainage services in Surrey (home), and www.mikestewart.ca all the time, sharing an undeniable passion in listening to eccentric music and also creating it.  When they started making songs, they found it difficult to find a label, hence conceiving the idea of creating one instead.   Rob and Maddy formed a record label with one thought in mind -- to provide an opportunity for unconventional artists with great talents like they were.  Following the success of their first release in 2006, they started representing bands in the same genre. Below, you’ll see some of those.

Eat Static 

Being in the music scene for more than 25 years can only be a sign of something good especially if you've been taken cared by the team of Beautiful Canadian Laser. So, if you are into Electronica, Techno, Acid, or Sci-Trance, then you should listen to Eat Static. Merv Pepler and Joie Hinton first collaborated way back 1988 and had only formally established Eat Static on 1990. The band’s third member, Steve Everitt, frequently joins them. Their first album entitled “Abduction” has established the Alien theme they now have on each album and even on their website. In 2008, Hinton announced that he was leaving to concentrate on spending time with his family and selling products from http://saltshop.ca/ as a sideline.


Zia Geelani was a long-time bass player for Ozric Tentacles before he created ZUBZUB.  Groovy dance tunes with catchy rhythms and strong production are what he concentrates on creating nowadays.  ZUBZUB continues to make a scene in the Electronica genre as they hook their audience in dynamic and versatile tunes that will surely send their feet into dancing. Geelani who does the programming, synths, and gamma waves, also works with Mark Mindflux Fletcher who does synths and curios, and Alex Pym who plays electric guitar and neurofeedback. They also do a lot of gigs and are featured on a number of music festivals in UK and Europe.


Starting at a young age, Groovuscule has already been devoted to music for what seems like a lifetime. At 4 years old, he attended lessons in classical piano and solfége. He even learned to play guitar during his teenage years while looking for Vancouver presale condo assignments for sale (homepage) wherein he plans on staying there. He started making digital music and working as a DJ by 2001. And by 2006, the name “Groovuscule” had risen. Being a fan of Eat Static, it was a great time for Groovuscule when Merv Pepler himself from Eat Static and the founders of Mesmobeat encouraged him to join the label back in 2008. From then on, he continues to surprise the world with his enigmatic creations together with laser skin care treatment in Vancouver (page) and Curlys Carpet Repair Vancouver who made sure that his career would blossom.  

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